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01. Dez 2015




Freedom on Linux Song

verfasst von oencke am Sonntag, 18. November 2007

linux Linux: If you read the lyrics of the song "Looking for Freedom" with an imaginative mindset you could find that it could have been written by a windows developer trying to escape the control of and dependance on MS.

I have rewritten the text to reflect those who are using Linux and Open Source.
Have a go at it:
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Tom Lehrer Math Songs

verfasst von oencke am Montag, 12. November 2007

AroundTheWeb Around the Web: Tom Lehrer, Math teacher at UC Santa Cruz, wrote satirical songs during his university career. Here he performs several math songs during a lecture in 1997:

You can find another one of his math songs called "New Math" complete with lyrics here. The lyrics of all his songs can be found here.

Die Web 2.0 Revolution

verfasst von oencke am Mittwoch, 02. Mai 2007

AroundTheWeb Around the Web: Was passiert, wenn man als eine Web 2.0 Website, die vollständig auf die Beteiligung und Unterstützung ihrer Mitglieder angewiesen ist, diesen nicht den von ihnen geforderten Respekt zollt? Dies bekam die letzten 2 Tage Digg.com zu spüren.
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16 interesting facts to remember

verfasst von oencke am Mittwoch, 02. Mai 2007

AroundTheWeb Around the Web: 09 - is the maximum number of cubes needed to sum any positive integer
F9 - This key is next to the one you use to boot Windows into safe mode.
11 - Smallest two digit prime number.
02 - The number of eyes an average person has.
9D - A homophone for the number Ninety.
74 - Year of the Watergate scandal.
E3 - Short for Electronic Entertainment Expo
5B - Industry term for a 5% blend of biodiesel with regular diesel
D8 - Internet slang for "Date"
41 - Just shy of the ultimate answer to life, the universe, and everything.
56 - The number of men who signed the US Declaration of Independence.
C5 - C5 is the envelope size matching the A5 size of paper.
63 - In binary is 111111
56 - The maximum determinant in an 8 by 8 matrix of zeroes and ones.
88 - Radium's atomic number.
C0 - A fictional molecule with zero carbon atoms.

Favicons in Google SERPs anzeigen lassen

verfasst von oencke am Dienstag, 17. April 2007

seo SEO: Ich bin über ein einfaches wie geniales kleines Plugin für den Mozilla Firefox Webbrowser gestolpert. Mit diesem lassen sich in den Suchergebnissen von Google die Favicons der gefundenen Webseiten einblenden.
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